Hi, I'm Boum and I draw sometimes. I'm a freelance filmmaker, animator, illustrator and comic artist (I know, I gotta make up my mind, right?). I enjoy the company of rabbits, snowy days, cheese, retro video games, and sporting weird hairdos.

This sketchblog will be where I dump whatever doesn't fit elsewhere — doodles, fanart, nonsensical nonsense.

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    http://antihero.keenspot.com - Antihero for Hire //adventurers.keenspot.com - Adventurers! (ended) ???????? - ???????...
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    Okay, jsut…hold up, one second….yeahhhh, I don’t, but my friend does. Any writers out there who need an artist?
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    … Metallus Dei This radical dude writes it
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    //opusdei.smackjeeves.com/ :)
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    I totally have one of those things: Sproots!
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    HamstaPowah / Shadows Over Trelldain http://www.hamstapowah.com
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    Perils of Pandora and Gypsy and Ardra, so far.
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    MiniMel //www.drunkduck.com/MiniMel/
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    Scantily Clad //www.cladaverse.com Soon to be updating again!
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    GART http://gartcomic.co.uk Foolish Comix http://anaseed.net/foolishcomix/
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    The summer of Blake Sinclair Http://blake-sinclair.smackjeeves.com
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    Both Webcomic: http://fruitmachine.smackjeeves.com And...print:...
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    … Millennium and Lovefeast. Both are due for major renovations in late winter/early spring.
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    Anuzzer for ze list! Cafe Suada: http://cafesuada.smackjeeves.com/
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    Yeeeep. I have a webcomic: Fan Dan Go
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    URMK2 (Unimagined Ramblings, Mk 2) //unimaginedramblings.tumblr.com/tagged/URMK2
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    Clockwork Pandas //clockworkpandas.com AND Dead Beats //deadbeatzombiecomics.com
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    Inside Lu’s Crazy Head - http://lucomics.tumblr.com
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